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    Diet pills and weight loss supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry in the USA, with a staggering 26% of all Americans stating that they are currently undergoing a diet. But then again, when you take into account that over half the entire population of the US is classified as being overweight, it’s not that surprising that many of us would like to shed some of those extra pounds.


    And while eating healthy food and exercising regularly are the standard, go-to ways to keep in shape and lose weight, it’s not always a viable option for everyone. And when you want (or need) to lose weight fast, it can be a daunting task to do so without aid. Luckily, science has the answer: Diet pills for rapid weight loss are hard to come by and hardly every work as advertised – if you don’t know what to look for, that is.


    There are plenty of prescription weight loss medications and even more over-the-counter diet pills and supplements which supposedly help you lose tens of pounds in mere weeks, but as we all know that’s almost never the case. There are, however, a handful of drugs which do indeed work – documented results, hundreds of test and trials, and years of usage have shown that the following few supplements and pills are the real deal.


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    1. Used for hundreds of years by the San people of Africa, Hoodia is a family of plants that live in the harsh, desert terrains of the continent. Hoodia has the amazing property of being a natural appetite suppressant: It was used by African warriors before going into battle in order to help them survive the long periods of time without food. It works by increasing the amount of perceived energy in the brain, thus convincing it that it does not require food just yet.


    2. The extract known as Chitosan comes from the hard shells of crabs, lobsters, and shrimps. It prevents the body from absorbing part of the fat and cholesterol digested, thus helping you lose weight. The good news when it comes to Chitosan is that no side effects have yet been reported, making a rare, (almost) risk-free diet pill.


    3. Diet pills for rapid weight loss rarely do it all, but Chromium Picolinate appears to be one of the rare cases. Reports suggest that effects of this drug include lower appetite, visible reduction in body fat, increased muscle mass, and an increase in the rate at which calories are burnt. It boosts the effectiveness of insulin in your body – insulin is a hormone which regulates your metabolism.



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